Saturday, March 12, 2011

Japan - Thy will rise again

over 750 dead and 1000 missing, cities inundated, dams broken, train missing and Nuclear plant in a critical state of emergency- all the debacle within hours from the deadly earthquake measuring 8.9 on Richter scale. Japan is one of the most highly prepared country to deal with natural disasters of high magnitude but this quake was a lot more than what they were prepared for.

What always amazes me is the discipline with which the Japanese operate, the orderliness. I read a news report, that even after this catastrophe, people stand in queue (in Tokyo) to get into a bus and wait for the signal to turn green. A salute to such meticulous orderliness. This is rare, and one of a kind.

japan with the world's largest forex reserves of over a trillion dollars will quickly rebound. The people of Sendai will get back into business fast and will give the mother nature a pleasant surprise by rehabilitating so many displaced people and structures. Thats Japan!

Japan will get out of this fast and get back quickly into business and the Nikkei will soar once again! My prayers are with the people of Japan.

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