Thursday, April 7, 2011

Shrug off - BrrrrRRRrrrr!

I love this new coca cola commercial "Brrrrr".  Conceptualization of the commercial is awe-inspiring. The sets of the location, the star cast (from the IPL) and landscape where it is shot is aesthetically appealing.

Take a sample of the Ad :

Generally I find all the cola (Pepsi and Coke) ads to be "just gas" and no substance. Though on a funny note this Ad seems to strike a a nice chord with the audience.

I see another interesting aspect of this commercial - when the person performs the "brrrrrr" - I see that as a sign of shrug off.. a sign of let go...

Letting go is a virtue. its not so simple as it seems.

Failed relationships.                                                                       Ruthless society.
                      Breakdowns.                                                    Lost the loved ones.                           

                                Betrayals.                                                       Bankruptcy
                                                             Stock market crashes.

Be it whatever - Shrug it off. Its one Life - which is frigging short. So just drop down your baggage and stay light. Your life is to be lived. Even a second lost - sulking over the above stated miseries is just foolishness.

So live the moment - shrug off all the heavy weights sitting on your back. Shrug off emotions, Shrug off tears, Shrug off bad memories. Shrug off rugged past.

Shrug off is definitely a virtue, its a commitment to live this short journey in this world called "Life".

Shrug off doesn't mean giving up - it means letting go of certain things in life which delivers you nothing but crap. This "something" could be people, or that heavy thing that weighs down on your heart, or that itch in your palm that keeps you off your peace.

Get off the sticky web called agony/trauma, there is a beautiful world outside up for the grabs. There about six billion fascinating people to be acquainted with. So get out of all the mental chains you are entangled to.

Even the 'Atlas, Shrugged' - why can't you?


Vasishta Dasika said...

Nice, would have been a good idea if you could share the cola ad link or integrate youtube video (you can even monetize it as you go along).

In fact coming to think of it, your being a panda and shrug off are related. In being a panda, the mother panda lets the weaker baby panda die cos the mother is unable to take care of both.


Baidik said...

That's a perspective given I haven't been able to connect to this particular campaign. May be what turned me off is the similarities in the protagonists across brands.

I had initially placed them in the same bucket as Bingo and Hippo.

Ramakrishnan Thiagarajan said...

@ vasi - thanks dude! have provided the video link now!

@ Baidik - yeah the campaign is funny!! but i think its kinda better than the Bingo Ad campaigns.

Thanks for reading!

Ashmaster said...

Good one Rama. BRRRRrrrrrrRRRR!!!!

Ramakrishnan Thiagarajan said...

Queee Geeee - Thanks man!

G said...

Super da. Good one. Keep it going on Macha. U rock ;)

Ramakrishnan Thiagarajan said...

@ Ganesh - thanks machi!