Sunday, April 3, 2011

Being a Panda

Whats World Wildlife Fund's logo? 

Well yeah you are right - its a panda ! why was it chosen as the logo for WWF?

Ok all right, no one likes too many questions. Panda is the most endangered creature on this planet earth and is the most threatened too. According the WWF survey there are only about 1600 pandas in the whole world. So the WWF guys thought it would be apt to have Panda's symbol as the logo for the WWF. 
There is also another reason why panda was preferred - it can be sketched out with a pencil - black and white and there by is just simple to be reproduced on handouts etc.

There is yet another reason - why Panda was used as the logo (my version) : See the Pandas in captivity does not mate - the zoo authorities tried so many techniques to aid its mating like showing them the videos of giant panda mating. They also went to the extent of giving viagra (if you dont beleieve it "Read on! " )to the male panda. All this techniques doesn't seem to work with panda. The only way they are bred is through artificial insemination. one panda in two years. Thats not too many . Isn't it rare for a species to mate and keep the population spiraling up? That is what as mankind are specialist at.

So panda has to be bred in the artificial way to keep the species from extinction. Pandas don't care about their extinction - they refuse to mate, remember it. So (i think) that is another reason why WWF thought Panda would be the apt logo for its project to save the wild life.  They must have thought there is no way that pandas will be alive when left to themselves - so the organization must go all guns to keep the species allive.

So here comes my theory and the new term I've coined.

world is falling, help me.
"Being a Panda" - represents a person who is sulking over all his grief to the world, and chest beats all the grief to everyone he meets.  He fails to take corrective action for all his misery. In short it represents a person - who is plunged into an ocean called the "self pity" and waits for the world to solve his problems.

Illustrative Usage : Ram to Laxman
Ex no 1: Ram : hey how's shyam doing?
Laxman : Dude you know what, he's just being a panda man, he keeps brooding over his failed university exams. god save him.

Disclaimer : the facts used above have been culled out from . Pics used are from WWF website and Panda logo shown above is the registered logo of WWF.


saami said...

good one dude... but hope you know that Brahmins in UP are called "pundaa" (who unfortunately share the same spelling!) and they take no offence to your new phrase! :)

Ramakrishnan Thiagarajan said...

@ Saami - thanks dude.

Didnt know that! I hope they don't mind, after all we are the home to all the sardar ji jokes when the our country itself is run by one! so in india everything goes well!

Imran Hussain said...

Pandas dont mate because of presence of humans and destruction of natural habitats. Its not because they expect us to do mating for them or that they are not interested in it. If that be the case how did they survive so many years?

They get jittery and cant mate before humans just as humans have difficulty in mating without privacy (now thats not for all)

So being panda should mean "being overtly cautious which results in marked change of behaviour to ones own disadvantage"

Bye byee

(not getting sleep in the night)

Imran Hussain said...

Illustrative Usage :
Ram to Laxman

Ex no 1: Ram : hey how's shyam doing?

Laxman: Dude you know what, he's just being a panda man, he never answers the questions in the class though he knows the answer.

Ram: oh but why does he do like that?

Laxman: He acts dumb Because he is afraid that the teacher will ask him start asking him question to which he may not know the answer.

Ramakrishnan Thiagarajan said...

@ Imran - thats a nice way to look at it.. No doubt they are overly cautious and dont mate because of that. But do they realize that their species is put to extinction because of this attitude of theirs? If they do, they got to change it. Going by your thought we can also say "being a panda" could also mean a laid back attitude wherein you dont give a damn about what's happening around you, eventhough you are becoming extinct..

Of all these nature of their characteristics I would prefer to take the one of "in action" to save themselves from extinction and depend on someone else to keep them alive.

Your thought process also sounds very good man! Cheers :)


Imran Hussain said...

Yes and I also feel that pandas are interpreting their captivity as a danger signal which makes them focus on survival rather than reproduction. Danger signals can significantly drop the libido in almost all organisms. Nomadic pandas are used to living in tall trees and branches in seclusion, so they may be feeling threatened while being in cages and in human captivity. Suppose we place a couple on a branch of a very tall coniferous tree where a panda lives, would they be more worried of their survival and perceived danger or about mating and probagation of human race?

Imran Hussain said...

In an interesting psycological experiment, the male p****s was tied with a small and soft wire and the subject were told that electric current could be passed through it anytime. The subjects were exposed to porn. while the truth was that the wires were insulated and no current could ever be passed, the very idea of pain and danger perception resulted in drop of libido by 98 percent.

Ramakrishnan Thiagarajan said...

@imran - dude how do you tell to a panda that electric current will be passed through the wires? or does pandas know by itself? :P anyways i feel pandas should come out of the shell and try to keep their species intact instead of leaving it to an organization like WWF...

Baidik said...

Good one da. Google already recognizes 'Being a Panda' as a unique entry! Check if you can get it to a websters equivalent of 'phase usage'.


Ramakrishnan Thiagarajan said...

@Baidik - Thanks man! Websters?? isnt that a too much of a ask?? anyways would be to happy to get it to that level.

Thanks for reading :)

Imran said...

that experiment was performed on men. I quoted that experiment to show that danger perception can reduce libido significantly. The point is that a captured panda who lives in captivity lives in a state of active/ passive fear resulting in total loss of libido...

Ramakrishnan Thiagarajan said...

@Imran - sorry I read the P****S as pandas!!! sorry :)

Wired P****S might be a fashion statement in the future, you never know ! We have heard only about "Power puff girls" - may be guys now can be called "Power-ful Guys" with current passing by! I know its a bad joke , excuse me !