Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Celebrating silence

Have you heard of the word speech is sliver, silence is golden. I've always believed in it but have never practiced it. But off late I've started practicing it. See I'm generally this sort of guy who wants things sorted out by words and by justifications. But over time world has changed me into a guy who is more measured in his talks and who believes that silence is stronger than 10 tonnes of steel.

But coming a long with this approach, now I've realized that there is another set of people to whom even the silence doesn't mean anything. These are the indifferent people - people who think that they don't give a #$@# about anything. These are the people who are tough to handle. The best way to handle these people is to do nothing just be your usual self and be natural and go by their same "don't give #$@# attitude".

But on any given day people "silence is golden". There is an eternal peace amidst the sweet silence - enjoy it and live the moment and discover oneself.

You might be a really outgoing person but still some moments of silence makes you to get a new perspective of life.

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Anand said...

Let the silence speak loud..!!