Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Where do you belong?

Roshan gets up in the morning later than his usual time and grudges at his alarm clock and nudges past chaotic city traffic to his programming job. This is his daily routine and all through his work hours his mind is somewhere else - Books ! Yeah, he always wanted to be an author but his financial condition did not give him that freedom. So here he is, crunching some monotonous codes, debugging some bugs, and answering some on-site calls at ungodly hours. All for what - Money! Does he get to follow his dream of being an author? Only he got to tell.

How many of us have the guts and kill in us to do what our heart thrives upon, where the your passion lies? Very few people take up things which are close to their heart, most of the people follow their mind. Mind follows money.

I'm no different. I've been chasing money and doing something which dosent give me the satisfaction. Do I atleast take time off to do things which are closer to my heart? Not till date. But now the time has come.

I've always had this urge for doing a trip to himalayas for a long long time. Its still unsatiated due to nature of work I do. I feel i should take a sabbatical sometime and make a visit to the god of the mountains the Himalayas.

Waking up to the nerve breaking chill, putting on you hiking shoes and scaling the himalayas is like a dream for me. A bath in the one of the natural geyser will be just amazing. I will also make a trip to Mt. Kailash (meaning Crystal in Sanskrit - so is the place) - the abode of Lord Shiva and take a dip in Manasarovar - the purest lake in the world.

My next wish in my bucket list is to make a trip to the Khadrung-La - The highest motorable pass. Sipping a tea out there would be my life's most fulfilling moment.

I would also like to spend atleast a month in Leh, Meditate at the shanthi stupa and live life on bare minimum necessities. I want to be snapped of communication with the outside world, have just a back pack with stuff which will make just make me survive.. I would want to be like Christopher McCandless - enjoying my solitude in the land of purity/sernity/divinty call it anything

Himalayas is like Shangri-La to me- the land of no worry, outside the human interference and a place where serenity still prevails....

So when is this desire of mine be fulfilled, I wont say the usual dialogue "The time will tell" may be it will... but I will make it happen...

My time has come. My footprints in Himalayas are not far away... My Salute to the great Himalayan mountain! That is where I belong!

Signing off....