Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Car Festival In mylapore - then and now!

It was way back in mid-90's when I was a kid I used to love the mini- sized giant wheelscalled the "raatanam" (ராடனம்). I will pester my amma for doing rounds in that. During the month of March every year - there used to be this festival called - "Panguni Uttiram" (பங்குனி உத்திரம் ) where a lot of festivities are planned across the temples in India. Of all the places the one that happens in Mylapore Kapaleeshwara temple is one thing that stands close to my heart. One for the reason, I'm a resident of mylapore since 1989 and two the same reason. Schools in mylapore used to remain closed during the festivities and the kids take active participation in the proceedings. 

Lot of things used to get distributed free during the festival time especially during the two days - தேறு festival  (car) and அறுவத்திமூவர் (63 nayamars). During these two days at least 20,000 people assemble in mylapore around the all famous mylapore tank. Residents of mylapore distribute food, water and cool drinks to all the devotees who throng the place.

There was energy in the air all through the festivities. I would take part in every single day of the function. I used to be so happy those days.

Now its that time of the year when the festivities have started - but i look sober and pale. Reasons are too a many or only one? I'm not sure. 

But Happiness is just a state of mind and no body can steal my happiness. So i decide to put up a smiling face and enjoy the festivities that has just begun.

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