Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Life Without...

Man invented few things. those things got used by one man and got abused by another man. Imagine a life without those inventions. Here I'm not talking about "Mars Rover" or 'Drone" or "Pacemaker" kind of inventions. Its about those subtle inventions which has changed life in a beautiful way. I list down a few items below - which I feel though are not life saving but definitely interesting invention/innovation.. Just imagine a life without these!

Hand showers used in the closet. Shaving Razor. TV remote control. silent modes in phones.  table fans. ATM machines. credit cards. torrents. Google. mosquito repellents. Wii. escalators. ready-to-eat food. wipers in the car. side stand for a bike. Zip locks. noodle strap bra. Youtube. stock market tickers. straw. GPS. wrist watch. microwave oven. contact lenses. projectors. eBay. bottle opener. iPod. Laptops. Twitter.

You can take a call whether the above list makes any sense to you or not. You decide. Because I'm not your daddy!

know iPod.know Life.
Yeah I too can live the live the life without anyone of the above inventions stated above in a happy way except for one - iPod. Yeah I don't know whats wrong with me - but Led Zeppelin, Floyd, Kinks, Deep Purple are in my DNA.

Next post will be on those inventions which has made man a "slave" to his own inventions. (keep checking for the post!)

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